40 Huyton Lane, Huyton, Liverpool. L36 7XB


Brief History/Summary 1983 to April 2019


It is essentially because of and in recognition of the amazing milestone achieved by all of Lyndale’s volunteers past and present that I feel it appropriate to focus on the history of Lyndale

When I was delving through papers recently, I came across an Annual Report written by our founder-Chair Mrs. Mary Davies who was a local resident with personal experience of cancer.

The year was 1987, which is very significant in the history of Lyndale as it was the momentous year that the Trustees negotiated for and completed the purchase of “OUR HOUSE “some four years after the cancer support group began.

The earlier meetings of 1983/1984 took place at our founder’s home. From 1984 until 1988 meetings were held at larger premises provided by Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council due to an increase in demand for this service.

During this period, feverish and resourceful research by the Committee resulted in them obtaining statistics that showed the North West to have the highest incidence of cancer in the country. Although this information caused dismay it also highlighted the growing NEED for cancer support within the community. The presentation of these statistics by the Committee/Trustees to potential fund providers undoubtedly helped to secure funding for premises that would maintain and reflect OUR identity as a cancer support group within a homely and friendly environment.

With the hope and anticipation that funds would now be forthcoming the Founder and Trustees were confident that the right environment for the support group could be provided. It would take far too much time for me to report on all the subsequent happenings that took place but suffice to say that many, many meetings and discussions took place including a multitude of telephone calls and ear bashing.

We also became aware, that in order to be credible, we should apply for charitable status so we therefore took legal advice. Knowsley Council for Voluntary Service and others were consulted but due to costs we eventually arranged a one to one meeting at the Charity Commissioners office which finally sorted out our charitable status.

Meanwhile, in 1986 the Trustees discovered that a certain property on Huyton Lane was up for sale! Which was very quickly earmarked as being ideally situated for a cancer support group.


The purchase of Number 40 Huyton Lane(now known as Lyndale) was financed by a grant of £ 36,000 from Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council(Urban Renewal Funding) and £12,000 from St Helens & Knowsley Health Authority. The shortfall in funding of £11,000 was covered by taking out a 25 year mortgage – another homely factor.

Little did our stalwart founder member and first Committee dream that the seeds sown in Mary’s small home, would lead to the beautifully extended and refurbished Lyndale of today.

These improvements were initiated and achieved by past/present volunteers/Trustees in the knowledge that ever increasing numbers were using Lyndale resources and that the NEED was greater than ever.

The building work and refurbishment carried out in 2003/4 was funded by the National Lottery (there lies another story) and from the Mayor of Knowsley’s Charity Fund for three consecutive years.-Bob Maguire 2000/01, Tommy Russell 2001/02, David Friar 2002/03.

This Hat-trick in the history of Knowsley was unique and further funding was obtained from Merseyside Safer Cities & Knowsley Inclusion Unit.

Lyndale is run entirely by dedicated and committed volunteers who provide caring support and information in a friendly relaxed and homely environment as set down by our founder Mary Davies.

Lyndale has and still does, apply for funding for running costs, the financing of teachers and therapists for the provision of complimentary therapies, relaxation sessions, yoga and beauty therapies, art and computer classes etc. which are free of charge to all those who attend Lyndale.

Lyndale also organises social events, outings and rambles.

Perhaps it is also rather unique, that every aspect of administration, financial accounting and caring support has been carried out voluntarily since 1983.


Wyn Pickup

Founder Member/Chair of Trustees


Opening Hours:    10.00am – 4.00pm  Mon-Fri

Drop in sessions: 11.00am – 3.30pm Mon-Fri


Telephone no:     0151 489 3538    

email: support@lyndalecancersupport.com


Registered Charity No: 519725